Many customers, both new and existing are surprised when they discover all our letters are fabricated by hand by our expert craftsmen, rather than a line of automatic letter benders. You can read more about our Letter Workshop here.


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Built-up letters are created using a variety of methods at SignFab in metal or acrylic.   Built-up letters are created from a choice of the flat-faced, rim and return rimless, bevelled and prismatic letter styles. SignFab’s built-up letters are available in Premium metal, Standard metal and acrylic options depending on project requirements and are used for shop signs, display signs, wayfinding signs and directional signs.


Flat Cut Letters

Built Up Letters

Foam PVC



Stainless Steel

ACM (Aluminium Composite Material)




Stainless Steel


There is a wide variety of Built Up Letter Styles:

Rim and Return Letters
Rim and return letters get their name from the stroke or rim that meets the face material, which is usually around 20-30mm in width.

Rimless Letters
Rimless Letters allows the face material, usually and opal acrylic, to sit flush to the return of the letter which gives the impression of a free-floating face.

Bevelled and Prismatic Letters

Halo Letters
When built up letters or built up logos are combined with internal illumination and the faces remain opaque a halo illumination effect is produced.

Letters are created in a variety of materials with SignFab’s offering; aluminium built-up letters, stainless steel built-up letters, acrylic built-up letters with a wide range of paint styles including satin, polished and brushed finishes and RAL or Pantone paint processes, all within our in-house paint workshop.

Why not check out our Letters Fact Files below on the details by material type;

Stainless Steel Fact File

- Stainless Steel Letters are available in brushed, polished or painted
- Available in a thickness range of 0.8mm to 5mm
- Available in 304 a 316-grade steel
- Built Up Stainless Steel letters have a minimum stroke width of 16mm

Foam PVC Fact File

- Available in a thickness range of 2mm to 25mm
- Minimum stroke with of 2mm

Acrylic Fact File

- Acrylic letters can be painted, but only using the Wet Paint technique
- Flat cut acrylic letters are available in a thickness range of 3mm to 30mm, and in build up from 20mm to 120mm
- Flat cut acrylic letters have a minimum stroke width of 2mm

Aluminium Fact File

- Aluminium letters can be painted RAL or Pantone in our in-house paint workshop
- Aluminium letters are available in brushed options
- Flat cut Aluminium letters are available in a thickness range of 1mm to 10mm.

ACM Fact File

- Available in 2mm, 3mm and 4mm
- Flat Cut ACM has a minimum stroke width of 2mm