Totem signs are large freestanding structures designed to deliver a highly visible identity and impact in conjunction with directional wayfinding information.

Available in a variety of different materials and profiles Totem signage can be internally illuminated to further increase their visual impact.

The Totem Fact File:

- Material  - 
Aluminium, Stainless Steel

- Finish - Painted to RAL or Pantone in our in-house paint workshop

- Illumination- Internal LED Lighting - Modules, Lumaire Light Panel

- External LED Lighting - Lumaire Down Lighter

- Installation - Speak with our Installation Manager, Alan Hill for a detailed discussion about our Installation Service. Click here for more information.


CE Certification at SignFab

Did you know that all steel structures supplied by SignFab are accredited through the CE Certification scheme safeguarding you and your clients! CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with Health, Safety, and Environmental protection standards for products sold within Europe. 


You can download the SignFab Guide to CE Certification here.

As the largest CE certified Trade Sign supplier all elements of our fabrication and QC process are fully audited. Our significant investment ensures that the equipment and our staff are there to keep you in SAFE HANDS.

Steel structures are regularly monitored by local authorities under building regulations. If you do not fully comply, the consequences could be:

- You could be lucky

- You could pass go

- You could be sued, face legal action and even be sent to prison

- You could be forced to remove the signage at your own cost and face heavy fines

- Do you take the Chance?! Don’t take the risk, speak with us today!


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