Customer Care Team

Both through your valuable feedback and our internal auditing process, we have identified the turnaround of quotations as being an area we need to strengthen.

Our resources section is available here.

We recognise the quicker we quote, the more likely you, our customers are to win the order. This also has a knock-on effect, in turn, to receive more manufacturing time on receipt of an order, a very welcome bonus!!

To assist in our quest for improvement, the ultimate objective being to provide all quotations within 24 hours, we are as of Monday 5/11/18 creating a “Customer Care Team” based in our Production Office with its own unique hotline (0116 258 2500) and email address -

Our Team will be on standby for any queries you may have such as:
- Current lead times
- Delivery/Collection/Installations date or method alterations
- Whereabouts of your order at any given time within the Production process
- Technical advice
- Unexpected issues with your signage

We will identify from that initial inquiry who would be the most appropriate member of the Team, our expert in that particular field and ring you back within the hour, sooner if required.

This is just one of the measures we are looking to put in place in the near future to help us and in turn, you be more efficient with regards to Sales.

We will, of course, continue to strive in making improvements in our service levels throughout the business.